Switchgear & HV Jointing

SwitchGear & HV Jointing

EPMS 2010 can offer a complete service and maintenance of all High Voltage switchgear up to and including 11000 volts. Our fully qualified engineers have over 30 year’s experience of working on switches, ring main units and circuit breakers of all types, including oil, vacuum and SF6 filled units.
We have several Senior Authorized Persons (SAP), professionally trained available to provide switching schedules and issue permits to work on all high voltage systems and distribution networks. Along with limited access trained personnel.
We can offer on site isolation and prove dead to all high voltage switchgear and transformers. Our SAP,s apply locks and caution notices as standard before we carry out any service work.
We can work to our own permits to work or in accordance with our customers safety documentation.
We also supply and install replacement switches and circuit breakers and their associated housings. Our service also includes the jointing of High voltage cable or the installation of HV terminal boxes.
We will inspect and check all protection systems and repair any faults we identify.
As part of our maintenance programme we offer a scheduled overhaul of the substation, including an inspection of the lighting, heating and any associated Health and Safety notices needed for the area.
EPMS 2010 can now design new substations including new transformers and switchgear together with installing all cable and HV joints as well as low voltage distribution anywhere within the UK.