On-site Transformer Oil Purification

The oil purifier is needed when the oil sample which has been tested, has proved a high water content and a low kilovolt dielectric strength reading. The oil purifier can be attached to any high voltage transformer with our attachments.

The inlet pipe is connected to the transformer’s gate valve through to the purifier and back out through the outlet pipe in the transformer’s top up hole. Isolation to the transformer is not required as the pump works to pump out the oil from the transformer straight back into the transformer.

The oil purifier will pump 1300 litres per hour and can be connected using a 240v mains plug. On a typical 1000kva 900 litre transformer the pump will have a pass every hour, with roughly 7-8 passes completed in an 8 hour window.

Following the filtration the water content will be returned to a normal position, usually 10-15 ppm per million and the kilovolt dielectric strength is 50-55kv.