New Refurbishments

Supply newly refurbished 500Kva 11-0.433kv distribution transformer.
WPD to isolate and circuit earth HV circuit breaker in SS-1949 and issue PTW.
EPMS to cut and remove HV and LV cables from Exsiting TX.
Remove transformer from substation with industrial skates and load onto lorry with hiab and dispose.
Unload New transformer with hiab and skate into position.
Install new 400mm AWA cables from TX to LV panel and terminate both ends.
Install new HV 95mm triplex from TX to WPD switchgear and terminate at TX.
WPD to terminate Triplex at HV switch.
Carry out testing.
WPD to sign off permit and energise HV supply.
Epms to check voltage and phase rotation.
Tidy site and remove all rubbish.

EPMS will dispose of the transformer and oil at no extra cost providing the oil sample is PC.